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Guidelines for Oral Presentations
Having been accepted for either a poster or an oral presentation, please follow the guidelines below on presenting your paper.
1. Use appropriate visual aids (PowerPoint /Video) and make best use of them.
   (i)  Don't overload slides, make sure each has only one message and the text is written in large enough font to be easily visible
   (ii) Judicious use of photos/graphics can be very helpful
  (iii) Keep graphs and tables simple and make sure they are legible and appropriately labelled.
2. Ensure 10 minutes to present, prepare 8 minutes of material. No more.
3. Don't try and pack too much into presentation
4. General Tips for slide presentation
   (i)  To ensure presentation visibility and any seat in the room, use the following minimum font sizes.
         Title: Bold Typeface minimum 40 pt size
         Subtitles: Bold Typeface minimum 32 or 36 pt size
         Text and Figures: Bold Typeface minimum 24 or 28 pt size
Note : San-Serif fonts e.g. Arial or Verdana are easier to read in a large room, use upper and lower case letters rather than black ALL CAPS CAN BE DIFFICULT TO READ
5.  Allow at least 2 minutes at the end of your presentation for questions
Guidelines for Poster Presentations
    (i) Posters should be AO portrait sized or 2 X A1 Landscape (to be fixed one above the other)
    (II) It is impossible to read and take in large chunks of text on a poster presentation, so the most important thing is to keep your poster simple
    (iii) Use as few words as possible to get your point across
    (iv) State your objectives, methods, results and conclusions as concisely as possible
    (v) Make use of tables, graphs, diagrams and pictures to get your message across
    (vi) Judicious use of colour can enhance your message, but don't go overboard with too many colours on fancy fonts